5 Stages of a Toxic Relationship


Every relationship gets to a point where both partners are unsatisfied with the current status of their relationship but they can’t imagine being apart from each other for a longer period of time. Instead of resolving their problems most couples choose to ignore the given signs. When you get to this point it’s very crucial to understand the situation you are both in and just agree that you can’t be together anymore.

Making such important decision is very difficult especially when emotions are involved but in order to make the right decision, you must successfully evaluate the circumstances you are in. Accepting the fact that your relationship has become toxic is difficult to accept but if your relationship has these following signs then you are in a very unhealthy relationship and it’s time to move on.

Jealousy and the blame game

At the beginning of the relationship, jealousy is the first sight that you are starting to like each other but after a while, if the jealousy gets to a certain point where you can’t handle it, it converts to the blame game. Unlike many other games, this particular one is very painful to play and it’s also the sign that your relationship is highly toxic.

Negative energy

Do you ever get that feeling where you are starting to feel uncomfortable or tense when around your girlfriend/boyfriend? If so that is a sign where your body is feeling the negative energy surrounding both of you. It’s very unhealthy to be in such circumstances because negativity can easily drain your energy and it will just make you hate your life partner even more.


In a situation where both partners feel the need to regularly critic each other for everything someone does can have a large impact on your self-confidence. Losing your confidence can have a very negative and confusing impact in every field of your life. People often listen to the person that is closest to them and if that person is constantly criticised every step you take it’s time to move on.

Never ending drama

Drama is often a large part of every relationship that has a positive side and a negative one. The bright side of the drama is that it can significantly improve your sex life but if it converts into a never-ending drama that can be quite toxic and filled with lots of stress and tense moments.

Stop caring about each other

When you get to a point where you just stop caring and don’t want to know where and with who your life partner is then you have reached the last stage of a toxic relationship. To stop caring about each other is a clear sign that the relationship is over and the both of you want to break up before it gets ugly.


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