Best Protein Skimmer

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Best Protein Skimmer

Macro Aqua M-50 Mini Hang-on External Protein Skimmer, 60 Gallon

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  • High quality protein skimmer for up to 60 gallon tank (depends on stocking)
  • Small hang-on back skimmer; Water Flow: 238gph
  • Effectively eliminates organic waste. Simply remove the collection cup to dispose tank waste
  • Easy to install and operate. No priming required
  • Needle-to-wheel impeller - increases air to water contact

AQUATICLIFE 115 Mini Internal Protein Skimmer/Filter for Saltwater Aquariums, 30 Gallon, Perfect for Small, Nano Tanks

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  • EFFECTIVELY REMOVES ORGANIC WASTE: The Aquatic Life 115 Mini Protein Skimmer for aquariums effectively removes organic waste and other pollutants before they break down into compounds which can be harmful to the aquarium inhabitants
  • COMPACT FOR NANO TANKS: This compact protein skimmer for nano-tanks measures only 3 1/2 x 3-1/4 x 10-5/8 inches. It’s great for small aquariums and mini-reef aquariums. It mounts inside to fit in most rear overflow or filtration compartments
  • POWERFUL AND HIGHLY EFFICIENT: The internal protein skimmer for aquariums is powered by an 8-watt needle-wheel impeller pump for efficient air-to-water contact and energy, delivering maximum protein collection and highly effective organic waste removal
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL: This small protein skimmer is easy to set up and runs a super-quiet operation. The suction cups provide mounting options for convenient placement, and the adjustable bracket fits standard aquarium frames
  • QUICK ACCESS FOR EASY CLEANING: A quick-lock design on the protein skimmer allows full access for maintenance and easy cleaning. Designed for saltwater aquariums up to 30 gallons (115 liters). Clear plastic 3.4oz collection cup

Coralife Biocube Protein Skimmer

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  • Effectively removes dissolved organics from saltwater
  • For BioCubes and standard aquariums up to 32 gallons in size
  • Features a self-priming pump making setup simple

Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer, 5-10 Gallon, Black, 14324

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  • 32 needle-wheel impeller increases air-to-water contact ratio, creating ideal bubble size for maximum protein collection
  • Adjustable flow regulators control amount of air entering reaction chamber to produce perfect amount of "skimmate"
  • Adjustable water-level control valve regulates skimming performance
  • Versatile mounting options - adjustable hanging bracket and suction cups included
  • Large reaction chamber mixes air and water effectively to remove organic waste from water molecules

Marine Color Sunsun Aquarium Surface Protein Skimmer 5W JY03 Aquarium Oil Film Processor JY-03 Oil Removal Filter Fish Tank Filter

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  • Effective surface skimming.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Adjust the water level within 4cm automatically.
  • Small and compact in size.

IceCap K1-Nano Protein Skimmer

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  • The IceCap K1 Nano is a remarkably compact skimmer that offers a new level of refined filtration for marine aquariums ranging from 10 to 30 gallons. All aspects of the skimmer were implemented to surpass many challenges other skimmers on the market misses out on. Included magnet mount allows for easy placement on surfaces up to 1/2in thick.
  • Master crafted from robust PVC and high-quality acrylic. All components are marine safe and refined in every aspect to provide the latest enhancements in foam fractionation and the highest in quality.
  • An impressively compact footprint makes it the ideal candidate for tight compartment applications. Every aspect of the skimmer disassembles completely for easy service.
  • The pipeless output offers fine-tuning and trouble-free underwater outflow plus quiet operation. Our pipeless design not only saves on space but also allows the outgoing water to exit on the side of the skimmer and below the water surface providing splash-free circulation in the sump.
  • The bioload of an aquarium refers to its ability to process waste in proportion to tank volume. Protein skimmers work best when properly matched with the bioload of the system.

Simplicity 120DC Protein Skimmer

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  • Adjustable DC pump speed
  • For tanks up to 120 gallons
  • Cone shape design
  • Collection cup drain with cap
  • 3 year pro-rated warranty: 100% coverage first year 50% coverage second year 25% coverage third year

ESHOPPS Nano Skimmer | Protein Skimmer for Nano Tanks | New improved adjustable magnetic mount | Adjustable water height. Minimal foot print. Fits most All in one tanks back chamber

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  • Quiet performance
  • Adjustable height with magnetic mount
  • Removable Bubble Trap
  • SICCE Needle wheel pump w/ 3 yr. warranty

Coralife Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer

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  • All in one power filter and protein skimmer for 30 gallon aquariums
  • Motor equipped with needle wheel impeller optimizes skimming
  • Multiple filtration layers with adjustable air flow for diminished microbubble entry into aquarium
  • Reduced maintenance with optimally designed skimming collection cup
  • Skimming not affected by water level fluctuations in your saltwater fish tank

Red Sea Reefer 300 Protein Skimmer

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  • The high-performance Red Sea Reefer 300 Protein Skimmer features a combination of a PSK pump with a proportionally sized venturi, bubble diffusor and reaction body that optimizes air-water contact time for steady waste removal.
  • Designed with hobbyists needs in mind, the Reefer Skimmers are really quiet thanks to rubber connectors which dampen the vibrations as well as a robust air silencer. It features the FoamView window, built-in neck cleaner and extra-long valved waste tube.
  • Aquarium Size Ratings: for SPS, 80 gallons; for Mixed Reef, 160 gallons; for fish-only, 240 gallons
  • Includes Sicce PSK 600 Pump. Ergonomic diffusion chamber evenly disperses the fine bubbles created by the PSK pump across the skimmer cone, without reducing air or water flow. Comes with built-in manual neck cleaner and drainage port with 1m valved hose.
  • The footprint can either be 9.1" X 8.3" or 9.8" X 7.1" (the base is moveable). Recommended water height: 6-8".

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