Top 5 Best Stained Glass Cutter in 2021 [ Expert Review ]

The art of making from stained glass tools began hundreds of years ago. We were very surprised when we saw the beautiful lights and stained glass and wondered how these exquisite objects were made. You will be surprised how easy it is to make your own stained glass windows. 

A great use of stained glass and stained glass cutter. The cost of getting into this hobby and getting the stained glass cutting tools needed is very cheap.

Cutting various hard materials without a suitable glass cutting tool is a difficult task. At first glance, it becomes difficult to decide that which glass cutting tools are best, also, glass cutters are the tools you can’t buy over and over again if the first purchase fails. 

Your stained glass cutter, It is an essential tool. It is a tool that you use regularly and must work properly to ensure a correct and precise cut.

We’ll provide you a quick overview of our picks for best cutters in the market of professional stained glass cutting tools.

We’ll also go through the features that you need to check at when picking the best cutter (or cutters). 

At last, we’ll deliver an in profundity review of each cutter on our list of best picks, and sum up everything. That is why, after a keen research, I have 5 amazing and sharp cutters for you. So let’s get started.

Custom Grip Supercutter

glass cutter
glass cutter

An amazing stained glass cutter could be a most critical tool in shop regardless your skill level. Our best pick for pencil cutter in the field of stained glass cutting tool and best choose overall is the Custom Supercutter. 

It contains an interesting saddle that gives much of the same advantage you’d get from a pistol hold cutter, but with the form figure of a pencil grasp. 

This could be you top pick especially in case you are a beginner and have not idea regarding your preferences. So choose it after reading this, you’ll not regret it. 


  • Modified pencil Grip.
  • Adjustable four position saddle.
  • Carbide steel cutting wheel.
  • Spring controlled of oil flow system.
  • Durable wheel


The cutter attributes a spring controlled oil stream framework, which works well and keeps the cutting wheel well-greased up. 

By and large, the grip can take a few getting utilized to in case you’re used to a conventional pencil grip cutter. 

In any case, we think that once you’re utilized to it (which doesn’t take long), we think you’ll concur that this can be way more comfortable (particularly for supported use).



Toyo Pistol Grip

Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter
Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

Our best choose for pistol grip cutters is the Toyo Gun. It has all most all the features you should search for in a pistol hold cutter, and is higher quality than the cheaper ones you might discover in equipment stores, etc. 

You can utilize this glass cutting instrument without any doubt since it has passed the CE, SGS certification. 

If you are facing the issue of grip strength or wrist related problem, so this stained glass cutter may be your best bet. This is a smart choice for those who likes the pistol grip styles.


  • Pistol Grip.
  • Carbide steel glass cutting wheel.
  • The plan is of special pistol grip sort which lets it simple to hold.
  • You will not get fatigue whereas utilizing it and you’ll be able to cut glass flawlessly with less efforts.
  • Automatic oil flow system.
  • Glass cutting device comes with refined oil nourish system which utilizes an automatic oil apportioning component to preserve grease within the wheels.
  • The plan is of special pistol grip sort which lets it simple to hold.
  • You will not get fatigue whereas utilizing it and you’ll be able to cut glass flawlessly with less efforts.
  • The item comes with two replaceable cutter head for distinctive glass thickness.


The standard of the industry for comfortable fatigue-free glass cutting. Expansive, comfortable oil supply handle produces more prominent scoring use with less exertion. 

Licensed framework gives a smoother oil stream and positive oil shut-off. Grouped colors. Color detail not accessible. Made in japan. True toyo cutter.



Adaone Metal Handle Pencil Style Glass Cutter

best glass cutter for stained glass
best glass cutter for stained glass

Adaone glass cutter is quite simple to carry since it comes in a tiny size. It is a best glass cuter for stained glass and household utilize. This include 1 * Adevena Glass Cutter and 1 * Oil dropper


  • Connected to cutting stained glass and other make and household use
  • With ant slip handle, for security and comfortable grip
  • Glass cutting head is easy to replaceable & can 360-degree rotate
  • Mini size, easy to carry around 
  • A perfect instrument for household &  cutting work  


Adaone glass cutter contains a number of specifications I.e. product material that are metal head & handle, carbide wheel blade, size: 7.5 * 0.6 *0.5, Product weight is 75g, color is golden and cutting range is from 5 to 15mm glass. 

Anti-skid strong metal handle ergonomics handle plan, holding feel comfortable, long time utilize saving labor. 

Glass cutting head is replaceable & can 360-degree turn, uses oil dropper include a few lamp fuel into the glass cutting instrument, make the cutting head is more fluent & sharp. 

Carbide amalgam cutting wheel, high hardness and sharp cutting, much smooth cutting.



Strip and Circle Glass Cutter

Strip and Circle Glass Cutter for Stained Glass
Strip and Circle Glass Cutter for Stained Glass

Amazing glass cutter for circle cuts is a Strip & Circle Glass Cutter by Glastar. This sort of cutter is more specialized than others on our picks, but we felt it was imperative to include here. 

Cutting culminate circles and long strips is imperative in numerous stained glass designs, and that’s precisely what these devices do very well. 

In case you’re a brand new stained glass artist, it’s alright to hold off on acquiring a circle cutter until you’re prepared. This professional stained glass cutting tool is the leading one for circle / strip cuts on advertise in a reasonable cost run. 

The only genuine drawback is that it can be a small complicated to use – so be beyond any doubt to read those directions!


  • Cuts circles from 3 to 25 in diameter.
  • Cuts strips from 1 to 12 in width.
  • 6 cutting wheel in turret that are outstanding in quality
  • Calibrated T bars cuts strip from 1/2 to 1/2 wide.
  • Spare cutting wheel also included.


Glastar Stripper & Circle Cutter takes hours off the monotonous task of cutting the same measure glass. 

Utilize it to cut borders, squares, diamonds rectangles even trapezoids. 

Calibrated T bar cuts strips from 1 by 2 to 12 wide. 

The Circle Cutter scores idealize circles from 3 to 25 in diameter. 

Turret contains 6 high quality cutting wheels. 

When one gets to be dull, just pivot the turret to another position. 

Replacement turrets available.



Toyo TC-10 Pencil Grip

stained glass cutter
stained glass cutter

As we didn’t grant the Toyo TC-10 our best spot for pencil grip cutter as compared than above 4 mentioned, but we felt this stained glass cutting tool is merited an privileged mention. 

Whereas we prescribe the Custom Hold Supercutter generally, if you really lean toward an unmodified pencil grip, this ought to be your choose.


  • Strong brass body with cross brought forth metal barrel for a beyond any doubt hold made to last!
  • Refined oil-fed framework 
  •  cutter is self-oiling when weight is applied Cutter head is replaceable
  • Features pencil style hand grip


This cutter is of good quality, and contains a strong heft to it. The oil apportioning system works well and doesn’t spill. This stained glass cutter will definitely get the work done, and could be a delight to use. 

Uses of Supercutter to chop 1000s Sheets of Glass without Changing heads Created thirty years back, Supercutters outlast other cutters by up to 25 times. Toyo’s Super cutters live up to their title. Comfortable to hold and straightforward to utilize. 

The wheel is made of solid carbide steel that outlasts routine cutters. Cutter heads are replaceable. The Brass Supercutter highlights a cross-hatched metal barrel which guarantees get a handle on though scoring.



Our Opinion

Despite its name, a glass cutter does little when cutting glass. Instead, the glass is slightly scored with a little angled wheel in order that the user can break it cleanly along the mark. 

There are many various sorts of glass accessories, each of which has advantages and drawbacks.

But the foremost details you would like to stay in mind are, Handle Type: Determines how pressure is applied to the glass cutter. 

Cutting wheel material: the sort of fabric used for the particular surface of the scraper. Lubrication: How the cutting oil is applied to the glass surface. Price: what proportion does the cutter cost!


The roller have a pointed edge or angled. Roller is also called wheel. Wheel moves freely that’s why when it’s pressed to a surface it’ll roll and pushed with handle. Basically these handles are the length that allows hand to grip them in fully & steady manner. Put the pressure fully and the cut the glass accurately.

Draw a circle with permanent marker, put some elinoleum from pressure, do your first cut line from one side accordingly circle around and off the opposite edges. Make sure you did an enough pressure for get a good result.

Yes, if your cut crossed an existing scratch, or comes too closer to one, it could result in glass shattering, or breaking unevenly.

Practice with cutter and follow these steps accordingly, Practice with your holding cutter after that make a score line accurately and last practice is cutting with enough pressure and without enough pressure the sheet glass will not break.

Oil cutter is used to lubricate the glass cutter and help longevity and breaking of cutting blade. Use in oil filled glass cutter or by dipping the cutting wheel in oil to prior scoring.


We discovered a ton of amazing information regarding the best and reasonable glass cutters for stained glass. We have delivered the great recommendations against numerous types of cutters and all information according to your need. 

Deliberately, it’s only up to you which cutter is best for your circumstances. If you are looking for non-circular cutters, do not have a preference on grip sort, than custom grip supercutter is a great choice.

It’s comfortable to use & simply get right leverage while you cut. 

If you have interest in pistol grip cutter, then Toyo Pistol Grip must have to choose. It’s because a reliable handle and a number of features you expect from a cutter. 

If you want to perfect circles or make straight cuts, the circle glass cutter and glister strip is our recommendation. Finally, if you are looking for unmodified pencil grip, we strongly recommend u Toyo TC 10 due to easy use and high quality constrictions. Good luck to create something amazing 

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