bingxqiso New Novelty Saver Soda Dispenser Bottle Coke

bingxqiso New Novelty Saver Soda Dispenser Bottle Coke Upside Down Drinking Water Dispense Machine...
  • Due to atmospheric pressure, please use the free needle to string holes in the bottom of the beverage. To prevent dripping, please insert the needle into the hole when not in use.
  • ? The dispenser keeps your soda pops foamy, and turns the bottle into a pourer similar to a beer key.


  • Set it up with this hand pump-style soda pop dispenser and you’ll be all set for any time of the day.
  • Dispense your beverage into the glass until your bottle is gone without fear that it will run out, leak or foam onto the floor!
  • Turn this Coke bottle into a root beer float in an instant. Comes in convenient two-pack so you can have one ready to go at home or work when needed!
  • This new style of novelty soda bottles is perfect for gatherings, entertainment events or any other occasion where fun and laughter are expected!
  • It’s just like having cola delivered right to your door on vintage apartment janitor trolley carts, but now YOU’LL BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DREAM LIFE SIP.

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