Doing These 5 Things may Extend Your Life by 10 Years

We all know that achieving a long lasting life can be difficult under the circumstances that are present in our lifespan. With all the obligations and activities people often forget to take care of their basic needs that are necessary for maintaining a healthy organism.

Living healthy isn’t just another diet plan or a temporally solution, it is a lifestyle that helps you achieve life longevity. The secrets for achieving life longevity are simple and you can easily implement them into your daily activities until they become a habit. With consistent repeating of these healthy habits after a while, they will become a part of your life that can expand your life longevity and help you be a better person.


1. Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps you achieve inner peace. It can also reduce stress, boost your memory, improve your mode and promote muscle relaxation according to Wikipedia. Mediation isn’t that easy it requires a certain amount of focus and a consistent discipline. Reaching inner peace is a long lasting process that can be reached via meditation only if you practice it on daily bases.


2. Constant Physical Activities

Physical activities are a crucial part of your wellness that maintains your body figure and a healthy organism. I know that most people have a lot of obligation during the day and by the end of the day they are tiered to do any kind of activities but you can still implement an physical activity in your day. Most of us who don’t have much time during the day prefer to walk to work or to cycle. If you can find time to go to the gym or practice a sport you will feel instant results.


3. Healthy and Organic Foods

Food is the substance that drives our organism during the day. Consuming healthy and organic foods  is crucial for your organism to have a better performance. Vitamins and proteins and the two things that are necessary for giving the needed energy for our organism to function properly. Eating healthy can sometimes be monotonic and once in a while you would feel the need for fast food and sugar. It’s OK to make a change in your meal plan but don’t forget to get back to eating healthy.

4. Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset is very difficult to maintain giving the various circumstances around us that constantly encourage us to feel depressed and pessimistic. Life is a balance between good and evil, you can’t feel good unless you felt evil and the other way around. Positive mindset is also very crucial for our wellness because with a strong and president positive mindset you can’t feel stressed, angry, depressed or nervous. When you reduce a large portion of these feeling you chances of living a long lasting life are significantly increased.

5. Human Interaction

This may sound foolish to you but it is scientifically proven that  the more you interact with outer human being the chances of expanding your lifespan are significantly increased. Activities with other humans like sex and laughing are more likely to expand your lifespan for 10 years.

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