Why The Fight For Equality Between Men and Women May Destroy Our Species By 2030

To understand this article’s theory you must think objectively and as a scientist. My goal here is not to prove that men are more important than women.

Men and women are like hydrogen and oxygen. Scientifically speaking, they are not equal, but they are equally important for the existence of our planet. The difference between these two elements is not solely in the chemical consistency but also in their role and purpose.

During the 19th century, the roles of men and women were clearly defined. The man was expected to look after his wife and children, bringing home the bacon.

The woman, on the other hand, was largely homebound, dealing with the cooking, cleaning and raising the children. She didn’t enjoy the same opportunities for education, was completely shut out of political activity, wasn’t able to vote or divorce from her husband.

However, not all women dreamed of breaking free from the chains of oppression. Catherine Beecher, a famous American educator and author once famously said: “Woman is to win every thing by peace and love; by making herself so much respected, esteemed and loved, that to yield to her opinions and to gratify her wishes will be the free−will offering of the heart.

But this is to be all accomplished in the domestic and social circle…Then, the fathers, the husbands, and the sons will find an influence thrown around them to which they will yield not only willingly but proudly…But the moment woman begins to feel the promptings of ambition, or the thirst for power, her aegis of defense is gone”.

Fast forward to the 21st century, all that has changed to a large extent. Women are able to get a proper education and don’t need men to financially support them, with some even earning more than their significant others.

Physically, men no longer have an advantage over women in professional life. They’ve been replaced by faster and more efficient machines or women’s better multitasking skills of human interaction. Thus, the one area where men held the greatest power has been turned upside down.

Men today aren’t needed to mow the lawn, fix the car or the plumbing. Women don’t even need to have sex with them in order to produce a child. Thanks to the Internet, they can have a fertile semen delivered through the mail.

So, everyone got what they wanted, right? Not really. Women’s liberation, which was supposed to make it easier for both sexes, has actually had a bad effect over motherhood and caring.

Women are struggling to start families while being very focused on their careers at the same time, which is undoubtedly accompanied by a lot of stress. And many studies have found stress to be one of the primary factors behind infertility.

In other cases, women are expected to cook, clean and raise the children while working 40+ hours a week. They barely have time for sleeping, let alone their children, and that’s not the most pleasant home atmosphere for a child.

On top of that, in some households there’s a sort of a running battle between couples for money and power, leading to a tumultuous relationship. And because their relationship is the foundation of the family, it could potentially cause children to grow up filled with a constant insecurity and need to seek validation from others.

Also, ever since the Divorce Act of 1969, a great number of women have chosen to bring up children alone. The rate of divorce is increasing rather quickly and is expected to be much higher by 2030, according to UW researchers.

Furthermore, with men’s traditional role in society being taken from them, they are starting to lose their compass in life. They’re not only expected to maintain a big paycheck but also be emotional, caring and open.

Everything is so different from the times when men had to show off their courting skills before marriage. When men couldn’t wait to come home to a freshly cooked lunch or dinner, knowing they had the full support of their wives. That’s not to say that women’s oppression was justified.

It’s definitely amazing how women’s position changed so dramatically. But, Catherine Beecher might have been right to some small extent. Most men truly function better as providers and women as caregivers.

In any case, the fight for equality should help the human race, rather than destroying it. Even though we’re all equal as human beings, we’re not the same and cannot be treated the same.

We should just accept our strengths and weaknesses and assume the best roles in order to leave a better world behind.


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