How to Tell That You’re Addicted to Your Life Partner

Feeling mutual adoration is a great thing to have in a relationship. Both of you adore each other and you will do what it takes just to keep that feeling going. However, love like most thrilling things is dangerous, especially if you constantly rely on it. The dependence of the presence of an another human bean is a weird habit that humans develop when they fall in love. Getting addicted to your life partner is just as dangerous as getting addicted to drugs, foods, and alcohol.  So how can you tell that you are addicted to your life partner? Here are some signs to help you determine.

Picking up their habits

Picking someone’s habits is a natural thing, especially when you spend most of your time with them. After being together for a certain period of time, you start to adapt to your partner daily routines and common habits, the good ones and the bad ones. At first, it may seem like a good thing but after a while, you start to realize that you are slowly turning into them and losing a portion of yourself.

Doing everything to keep them around

Being with someone for a longer period of time will implement the thought into your brain that you can’t imagine a single day without your loved one. When you get to this certain point you are slowly becoming desperate and will do anything just to keep them around. By anything I mean lie, cheat, borrow, beg or even steal. It’s ok to have a strong feeling about someone but jeopardizing your integrity, values and your self-worth can have devastating consequences on your life.



Feeling lost without her/him

Going out with friend used to make you happy but now every plan that doesn’t include your partner is a waste of time. This is a clear sign that you are addicted to your partner and that you can’t imagine yourself doing something without him/her.

Starting fights for attention

When you feel like you are not getting enough attention from your partner you start to argue without any particular reason. At this point, everything you do together will be a reason to start arguing. In order to avoid spending your time with your partner fighting, you must give them the attention they require on a daily basis.

Constantly seeking approval

Before you make any decision in your life you are seeking approval from your lover. At this stage, you have slipped into a zone where your self-worth is at its bare minimum and your confidence is low because you lack confidence in making the right decisions for yourself.



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