Madonna’s Secret Illuminati Satanic Rituals Exposed in This Video

Illuminati, we all know them as the world’s elite that controls every aspect of our lives, their presence can be noticed in education, health, economy and many other branches that necessary for the general well-being and growth of an individual.

Since they are present in every aspect of our lives, it isn’t controversial to believe that certain artists are a part of that elite society. There were several rumors about some celebrities who apparently are a part of an elite society that influences our everyday perception of the world around us.

Amongst those celebrities who are considered to be a part of this secret society is Madonna.  She is one of the world’s most famous musicians that has been part of the show-biz scene for several decades now.

Most people believe that her major success in the music industry is due to her secret Illuminati satanic rituals.

When she was asked directly about her involvement in a secret satanic ritual, she instantly denies the allegations and left the interview after that question.

Recently a video has appeared on the internet that exposes her involvement in black magic satanic rituals.

At the Grammy’s awards show in 2015, Madonna’s performance left the world in a shock.  That night her choreography was filled with mysterious mythological creatures that represented the dark side of the light.

If you closely examine the video you will notice that the essence of her choreography was to manifest herself as Satan with wearing a red dress which is the color of the devil, while the other performers on the stage were demons that were trying to please her needs.

Most people didn’t notice these signs, but if you view the video you will see clearly that Madonna was, in fact, performing a secret satanic ritual at the Grammies.

Without no further ado here is the video that exposes Madonna’s devil worshiping rituals.

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