Major Benefits of IQOS Devices

IQOS is the acronym of “I Quit Original Smoking,” which is a device known as a new class of heated tobacco or heat not burn products. The product is not about vaping or smoking, but it’s another way of inhaling the addictive stimulating nicotine.

The best part about this famous product amongst Millenials is that it is USB charged and has a small shape, just like a sharpie.

The design of this electric smoking device has an end port where you put a small cigarette or roll of tobacco.

But when you smoke, there is no flame, no smoke, only a ghostly cluster of exhaling. Rather than consuming the tobacco, this new gadget warms it to a lower temperature.

That delivers some nicotine for you to breathe in and feel briefly invigorated. Or possibly less unstimulated.

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This IQOS device has some benefits compared to regular cigarettes.

  • Alternative to Smoking

If you are looking for an alternative to regular smoking cigarettes, then the IQOS device is the best option available for you.

With this product, you can experience the taste of tobacco without inhaling smoke or lighting a flame, along with the other benefits this product has to offer.

IQOS claims to emit 95% harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes. However, they are not risk-free as they deliver nicotine which is addictive.

  • Heated Tobacco

IQOS device functioning allows heating the tobacco instead of burning it. It works on the HeatControl Technology, which sets this device apart from regular cigarettes.

With this technology, one experiences the natural taste of real tobacco.

  • It has No fire, No Burn System.

IQOS devices cannot burn you, unlike regular cigarettes. With this device, people around you, pets, clothes, or anything else is safe.

Since tobacco is burned in this product, there is no fire involved, which will reduce the mess of ashes and has no lit end to hurt or damage something.

  • No smoke No Smell

With IQOS device, one leaves the smoke behind. There is no tobacco burnt, so there is no smoke produced which is environmentally beneficial. Plus, you can smoke without bothering the people around you.

The heating of tobacco with IQOS produces an aerosol that evaporates more quickly than the smoke produced from regular cigarettes.

Another benefit of consuming IQOS devices is that one can enjoy cigarette-like delivery without bothering about the cigarette-like smell. Now you can enjoy your tobacco without concerning or affecting other people around you.

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