The Milligram Experiment: The Origins of The Illuminati’s Most Powerful Mass Control Weapon

All humans see themselves as better than they really are. We’d like to think that we exercise free will. We’d like to think that if we are put into a situation which would challenge us to do something unacceptable, then we’d refuse. But, if you believe that, you’re most likely deluding yourself. It seems free will is simply a myth.

This claim is based mostly on the work of psychologist Stanley Milgram. In 1963, he carried out an experiment focusing on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. The results showed how easy it is to manipulate the ordinary people into doing the most atrocious things.

The son of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, Milgram, was trying to understand how German soldiers in the Second World War were persuaded to participate in such cruel acts, like the Holocaust. He often wondered whether the many accomplices in the Holocaust were simply following orders, a defense featured heavily in their court hearings.

Therefore, he decided to investigate whether people were particularly obedient to authority figures. The psychologist selected the participants in his experiment by putting newspaper advertisements for males to take part in a ‘memory and learning experiment’ at Yale University.

The setup of the experiment included 40 participants who were paired with another person and had to draw lots to find out which one of them would be the ‘student’ and which one the ‘teacher’. The draw was fixed so that the participant was always the teacher, and the student was a confederate of Milgram (pretending to be a real participant).

The student was then taken into a room to have electrodes attached to his arms, while the teacher and experimenter went into another room that contained a shock generator and a row of switches marked from 15 volts (slight shock) to 450 (severe shock).


After the student learned a list of word pairs, the “teacher” was supposed to test him by naming a word and ask him to recall its pair from a list of four possible choices. And each time the student made a mistake, the teacher was told to administer an electric shock, increasing its level every time.

The student deliberately gave mostly wrong answers and if the teacher refused to administer a shock, the experimenter gave a series of 4 orders to ensure they continued.

  1. Please continue.
  2. The experiment requires you to continue.
  3. It is absolutely essential that you continue.
  4. You have no other choice but to continue.

The results were shocking. Two-thirds of teachers (participants) continued to the highest level of 450 volts, while all of them continued to 300 volts. However, Milgram did not stop there. He conducted 18 variations of his study, altering the situations to see how this would affect the participants’ obedience.

All in all, the experiment proved that gullible subjects could be fooled into murder under the pretense of “science and study of learning”. And who has taken the biggest advantage of all this? Both Hitler’s Nazi propaganda and the most dangerous secret society in the world might have manipulated thousands of people into killing or sacrificing innocents under the pretense of ideology, myths, fantasy. Hence, the origin of the modern secret order’s mass control weapon could have been modeled by the Milgram experiment.

Apparently, the highest-ranking members of the Illuminati include some of the most powerful individuals in the world such as politicians, bankers, singers, actors. These people are too secret to carry out things themselves. This is why it is believed they regularly use their authority to manipulate the lower-ranked members such as recruits, grunts, privates to speak in Satan’s army and do unspeakable things. Furthermore, the middle-ranked members also control the upper levels of priests of the covens of Satanism that are public.

When you think about it, obedience is instilled in us all in the way we’re brought up. We learn to obey orders from other people in a variety of situations, for instance, in the family, school, and workplace. Thus, the Milgram experiment is a stark indicator that we are highly likely to follow orders of an authority figure, even going so far as killing an innocent human being.

So, even though the experiment was praised by some people for its findings, unfortunately, it could also be used for evil purposes as a blueprint for deception, manipulation and mass control. Sounds really frightening, right?


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