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UAE Vape Store – Buy Pods, E-juces, Disposable Vape Dubai

Our shop is one of the leaders and pioneers in vape sales in Dubai and the UAE regions. You can buy vapes, PODs, E-Juice and Salt Nic from us. The catalogue features products from brands Myle, VGod, Yuoto, Stig, Taj, Tugboat, Veiik and others. We offer our customers only certified and original products. We provide a fast delivery of purchases at a convenient address for you. And if you have any difficulties in choosing or finding the right device – contact us and we’ll always help you.


Popular Salt Nic and E-Juices

Popular Salt Nic and E-Juices

Our vape and POD shop in Dubai is ready to offer its customers only the best and sought-after products. Here you’ll find a range of gear as well as a whole host of accessories, E-Juice and Salt Nic. The catalogue is constantly expanding and growing, so you can regularly find something new for you or buy the usual device at any time.

AEVape Dubai carefully monitors the quality of incoming goods, we work only with trusted manufacturers. The quality of all products is confirmed by certificates, which you can request if necessary. In addition, the shop’s consultants are always happy to answer your questions and help you find the right device.

How to Make the Right Choice

If you want to buy a vape in Dubai and make no mistake about it, there are several nuances to consider:

  • Decide why you need the device. Want to try something new or give up regular cigarettes? Get an inexpensive vape with a low puff count.
  • Optimum strength. If you’re new to vaping, look no further than 2% nicotine content. If you’re looking for something stronger and comparable to regular tobacco, vape juices with 5-6% nicotine are the way to go.
  • Best Taste. In the AEVape shop you can buy vape Tugboat, VGOD, Stig and other vape flavors from various manufacturers. Standard among them are tobacco, berry, fruit, herbal with and without refreshing effect.
  • Type of device. The main parameters are cartridge volume and battery capacity. The larger these characteristics, the longer the device will last. But you should remember that their size also determines the shape of the device. You can also choose PODs with removable cartridges.

Having trouble finding and choosing a vape in Dubai? Contact the managers of AEVape shop and they will willingly answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

A vape is a small, streamlined electronic device in a sleek design. The most common models resemble thumb drives, regular cigarettes or cigars. They are compact, easy to fit in the palm of your hand and can be carried around with you. The housing is made of plastic or metal and is durable and resistant to stress. Depending on the vape series and type, they may have an opening for a charger and recharging.

Inside the PODs and disposables you can buy in our Vape Store, there is a battery, cartridge and electronic control systems. The latter start the device when you inhale or press the button on the body. The devices are filled with liquids with different nicotine content. 

The life and use depends on the specific characteristics and parameters of each device.

When comparing a vape to regular cigarettes, the electronic device is many times safer than tobacco products. This has been confirmed in numerous studies and tests. They are also approved by the UAE governmental authorities.

The devices are filled with nicotine, glycerine and flavouring liquids. They are free of solids and particles that can burn when plugged in. When the vape is started, the juice gradually heats up and evaporates. Due to the low temperatures, no resins, combustion products or other hazardous substances that can harm your health are released. In addition, there is no smoke or unpleasant odour when the device is switched on. 

To refuel such devices from our Vape Shop Dubai, we use special juices – liquids made on the basis of salt nicotine, glycerine and flavourings. Such compositions are many times safer than ordinary tobacco and tobacco mixtures because they do not contain combustion products and do not emit dangerous resins when heated. 

The main difference between the compositions is the presence of flavourings. Among the flavours available and offered are:

  • Fruity;
  • Berry;
  • Herbal:
  • Tobacco;
  • Lollipops;
  • Refreshing and not.

Manufacturers offer classic and original combinations, among which you can find something to suit your taste.

PODs and vapes are not designed to be recharged or recharged. They have a battery that is designed to last for a certain period of time. At the end of this period, the device is simply disposed of as household waste.

Attempting to recharge or charge the device yourself is not recommended as it will damage the body and cause electronic parts to malfunction. 

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