Preserve Your Energy From Negative Vibes

A biological research at the University of Bielefeld has made a stunning discovery showing that plants can use an alternative source of energy draining from other plants. This discovery is a major step for finally confirming that humans as well can drain energies from each other.

Bioenergy is now evolving to a point where it can prove what metaphysicians have known all along, that humans can heal each from transferred energy just as easily as plants can.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable around certain people, if so then that is because their aura produces negative energy that can easily affect every human being around them. When in such situations it’s crucial to recognize their energy moments after the first encounter. This way you will be able to gain the much needed time for your organism to develop a defense strategy against negative vibes.

Energy gives your organism the much-needed drive so that it can function properly during the day. Preserving a positive energy is crucial for your general wellbeing but maintaining it on a daily basis is difficult to accomplish. Here are some tips that are highly effective in terms of preserving your positive vibe.

Stay centered and grounded   

If you are centered on your spiritual self you will instantly sense when someone is trying to move in your space. Being fully grounded means that you easily get rid of the emotions and energies from the surrounding people.

Sate of none-resistance

If you with a person or a group that produces negative vibe don’t go in a mode of resistance so that you can protect yourself because this will keep foreign energy stuck in your space. Instead go into a none-resistance mode, this way if someone throws an insult or an invalidation at you, it will pass right through you.

Energy cleanse

There are several methods that are used for energy cleanse, the one that is mostly recommended by the Zen masters is the “Stress Relief Breath” exercise or mostly know as SRB. These are the following steps to conduct the activity properly.

a) Spread your right hand in a relaxed way on your chest with your thumb and your forefinger touching the base of your clavicles.

(b) Take a moment to acknowledge the negative energy and stress in your mind and/or body.

(c) INHALE and bring all of the crappy energy up into your chest.

(d) EXHALE with an “AAAHH” sound and LET THE CRAPPY ENERGY GO… allow the exhale to last about 2-3 more counts than the inhale.

(e) Repeat until you feel a shift.

Own your personal aura space

Every human has an energetic aura surrounding our body. If you don’t properly preserve you aura space you are venerable to foreign energy entering it. You’re aura usually is an about arm’s length away from your body all the way around, above and bellow. In order to successfully preserve your aura, you must constantly remain yourself about the radius of your vibration and keep people away from that perimeter.


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