Psychologists Discovered That Talking to Yourself May Be a Sign of Higher Intelligence!

Talking to yourself out loud could be an extension of this inner talk, triggered when a particular motor command is stimulated involuntarily.

There was recently a psychological study that was conducted by the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Their published study showed that talking to yourself could enable your brain to function more efficiently at recognizing and defining objects. It could also stimulate your brain’s memory centers.

In addition, saying the name of an object you are looking for out loud could enable your brain’s memory sensors to work optimally. On the other hand, in case you do not know the name of the object you are looking for, you could end up more confused.

Another great study conducted at the Bangor University in the United Kingdom confirmed that in many cases talking to yourself is a sign of a higher intelligence.

The participants in this study were given written instructions to either read them out loud or silently. The researchers who conducted this study measured the concentration level of each participant and how they performed the tasks.

The final results of the study discovered that the ones who read the instruction out loud were more concentrated and memorized almost everything they read.

According to Dr. Paloma Mari-Beffa, a psychologist, and co-author of the study, the benefits could come from just hearing yourself, because auditory commands are better controllers of behavior compared to written ones.

She views talking to yourself out loud as an extension of your inner silent talk that has been proven to help you organize your emotions, memories, and thoughts, and even plan actions.


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