Scientific Facts That Prove You’re Genius


Intelligent isn’t a talent that you are born with, it’s a long-lasting process that requires constant improvement on your skills and talents. Most of us move through life never knowing exactly how smart are we. Your intelligence or IQ is determent by the age of 25, so everything that you have learned up till this point will be with you for the rest of your life.  Spotting a highly intelligent human being is difficult but several scientific studies have made it easy to determine whether someone is a hidden genius.

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein 

 You like being alone

Researchers from the Singapore Managment University analyzed data from a large survey involving 10,000 people from age 18-28 which all underwent IQ tests. The results showed that people with low IQ’s are more likely to enjoy their time socializing but for people with high IQ’s frequent socializing is linked to unhappiness. People with high IQ’s enjoy spending time alone because it gives them the much-needed time to develop and work on their skills and talents.

You learn from previous mistakes

Many people who have huge ego’s don’t recognize their mistake and they miss the opportunity to learn from their previous mistakes. Michigan University researchers did an interesting study where they discovered that people who believe they can learn from previous mistakes are more likely to have a higher IQ level than the average human.

You’re funny

The ability to make a bunch of people laughs is a direct connection between being funny and having high scores in verbal intelligent and abstract reasoning. A funny joke that several people can relate to is a product of your sharp mind.

Being an atheist

Scientific studies from the University of Vienna have shown that there is a direct link between people who have higher levels of IQ and people who don’t believe in the concept of religion. Non-believers are more likely to have major success in life and to get married at an early age than believers.

Having an insatiable curiosity

Being curious is a way for your mind to acquire more pieces of information which lead to many answers that will help raise your IQ level. Intelligent people tend to get fascinated by things that are taken for granted by others. Curiosity is an intellectual investment process where you train your mind to acquire knowledge through asking a question.






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