Heartbreaking Footage Of Africans Being Sold At Open-Air Slave Markets In Libya

It’s 2018, and horrifying footage has emerged of African people being sold at auction at Libyan open-air slave markets. Tens of thousands of defenseless African migrants and refugees risk everything to reach Libya’s coast and next across the Mediterranean into Europe – which is considered to be the most dangerous route on Earth. According to reports, the migrants who end up in business detention centers are sold off like goods.

Libya has become a modern-day slave market, keeping migrants at the mercy of a complex trafficking web tolerated by the country’s many militia groups, an issue largely ignored by the world, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer said on Wednesday. Narciso Contreras, who spoke to migrants kept as slaves during a documentary photography project in Libya, said global attention focused on the North African country as a gateway for migrants attempting to reach Europe by sea.

As Leonard Doyle from the International Organization for Migration tells Counting the Cost: “As shocking as it seems, it’s indeed true. The reason slave trade is happening is that there is really no rule of law across much of Libya. Libya is a country as big as France, with a lot of space there. Migrants are coming there … they see the promise of a new life when they go to their Facebook feed, and they think something wonderful is waiting for them in Europe because a smuggler has abused the system and has sold them that lie.”

Doyle explains that when the people arrive in Libya, “they get off the bus and they are quickly put into a kind of murder machine, an extortion machine. They are robbed of their possessions, their families are called. They are forced, they are tortured, they give them money. And then they are sold. Unbelievable, but they are sold in open, public auctions: $400 for a laboring man, maybe a bit more for a woman who can be put in the sex trade. And this is what’s happening across the country.”


He also stresses that this issue demonstrates that the international community has to pay more attention to post-Gaddafi Libya. He adds: “Modern-day slavery is widespread around the world and Libya is by no means unique. It’s happening in the developed countries of the world as well as the undeveloped countries. But what’s particularly shocking is that this is happening effectively in the open, where people can go to a farmhouse, place a bid and end up ‘owning’ a human being.” 

The video shows how 21-year-old Victory that fled Nigeria’s Edo state was sold at a slave auction. The young man talks about the dire living conditions, the lack of food and the abuse that he had to suffer at the hands of his captors.

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    1. This can all be traced back to criminal frauds Hillary Clinton and Obama. They are both international slave traders and child sex slave / prostitution traders.

          1. or you are! Hillary has collected how much money to help Haiti. Do tell us whey the children are eating dirt? Grow a brain! Are you trying to tell me that evil vile selfish swine cant afford a bowl of rice for them? Democrats will use any excuse to extort. Pay them enough and slaves will be delivered on a conveyor belt.

          2. refute with facts not insults. If you have any, let’s hear them. Otherwise you demonstrate your ignorance with your juvenile insults.

      1. Actually. You’re responsible for this. You live in a democratic society that elects its leaders. Your nation, regardless of which leader you blame is responsible for overthrowing Qaddafi and letting this happen. Every American citizen is culpable in this because your government is “by the people”. Thus, all Americans are responsible for their government’s foreign policy. It’s about time Americans start taking some responsibility for themselves and change their government if they don’t like what they see.

        1. Funny, as long as politicians are taking lobby money it’s government by big business and not for the people. The 1% is responsible for this. It’s OUR responsibility to get people off their butts and vote in midterms so we can take back our congress and senate and vote to ENDCITIZENSUNITED to get the money OUT of politics and give it back to the people.

        2. you idiot!! the Muslims have been selling blacks into the slaves since the beginning of time..keep drinking the Kool-Aid and blaming everyone but the ones doing it.

          1. I am not from Africa. But African stay in your country and build it up. You said you left with all your life savings, the Lybians stole all your money and save you. Stay in Africa until you fine a legal way to travel. Do not follow your friends. Seek God. Stay in Africa

          1. What an utterly assinine comment bereft of truth, compassion or logic. But besides insulting the meanspiritedness and bigotry of its poster I’ll simply suggest that the opposite is true. They would try for europe no matter what. Countries like Greece and Italy are reknown for their inhospitality towards migrants. Europe is known for the standard of its living. These people are fleeing poverty and war.
            War that the west has fostered. And for this situation you can blame Obama and Clinton …for bringing down Gen. Qaddafy and completely destabilizing Libya. But Trump’s policies are no better. The Defense Industry gets rich while these people flee death and destruction.

        3. Its always easier to blame someone else. It is not Americans fault that shit heads are shit heads. Of course according to people like you, everything is always Americas fault, yet the world looks to us to fix their problems. The world needs to be accountable for their own actions. It is NOT Americans fault that Libya is full of greedy, shit heads that buy and sell human beings. No accountability, just blame someone else. You seem to approve of Gadhafi’s mass raping of children, keeping them as sex slaves, killing his own soilders, murder & torture, killing his own citizens.. etc etc etc.. You think getting rid of him is the problem LOL ..The Lybians are responsible for their own actions; as is every human on earth.

          1. I agree with many of the posts. My heart bleeds for these people but when they are allowed in they kill and rape… They hate the very people that let them in… I honestly feel bad for them but they do not fit into our societies… what to do?

          2. the main blame goes to the greatest slave trader of all the time Muhammad and his demonic cult and book.This happens because Muhammad and his merciful Allah they never abolished slavery

          3. Truth! We in the USA or any other country are responsible for anything any other country does. We have enough problems trying to keep communism out of our own nation. Almost all of south America is communist and flock to our nation and in turn they with their fake ids vote for the same crap hole they ran away from. Yet in all of this the democrats allow slavery to run rampant where ever they stink up the land.

          4. You’re utterly incorrect and misinformed. The US’s bombing toppled the Qaddafy regime and plunged that entire region into chaos. There is no getting around it. Qadaffy was guilty of many things including the Lockerby bombing but the level of his tyranny wasn’t the level you claim it to be. But you’re suggesting the US was right to intervene while denying US culpability… which is it? The US took him out at the urging of France because Qadaffy was about to introduce a new pan african currency based on his gold reserves. France wanted his money and the US wanted to remove a potential competing currency which would devalue the US dollar.

        4. And you live on the same planet as us Americans, so your neighbors are responsible for this and you haven’t convinced your nation to convinced the other nations to band together and make Americans take responsibility for this? What is wrong with you? Do you support slavery?

        5. Your assuming that i voted for those criminals that should be prosecuted in the international courts as well as here. I agree that the Libyan regime change was a criminal act

        6. America appears as a democracy and to an extent it is, but the assholes who get elected are all part of the same money making, heartless group. Our leaders and the terrible shit that the U.S. does to other countries and even our own citizens, is not what most of americans believe in or want by any means.

          this is all upsetting

        7. You are joking, right? Africans have been capturing and selling other Africans off as slaves for more centuries than we even know. This has nothing to do with American foreign policy and we have NO responsibility to fix the whole world of their problems. Unfortunately, the US does try to fix stuff that is unfixable while nobody else lifts a finger. But you need to place your blame elsewhere because we are not going to accept it.

        8. Who is “Qaddafi,” sleddog? I think that you mean Muammar Gaddafi, but I might be wrong. No telling based upon your lack of spelling skills. What perfect country do you live in and what do you contribute to make the situation better? My guess is that you sit on your ass and bitch, take no physical or monetary action to support democracies around the planet. I’ve met a hundred cheerleaders like you who yell and spit and then disappear into the net while accomplishing nothing except the feeling you get by chest pounding. Total waste of time. Get involved. Do something. I picketed LBJ’s ranch in 1965, outnumbered by the KKK, the Nazis, and the Texas Rangers. Did it three years ina row. Don’t recall seeing your judgmental ass there anytime. All bark, no bite, all hat, no horse. That’s you, slugdog.

        9. Obastard “overthrew” quaddafi, AGAINST the protests of everyone on his cabinet. Even lowlife kerry and corrupt Hillary said it was a VERY bad idea.. He did it for his pals in the Muslim brudderhood!

        10. We may be partially to blame in some ways, but just remember which country champions more condemnation for thisateocity and is usually there to belp first. We cant be everywhere,but the USA is the most generous nation on the planet.

        11. I couldn’t agree more. It makes me sick to my stomach the sheep that are the Democratic and Republican delegates put before us the Swill of humankind this election year, to vote for as our LEADER!!!!!!! I’m beginning to wonder if the people of this country understand what is happening or just don’t care. Its not about what party is in power.. its about what those parties are doing to either help or destroy this country.. and if you don’t agree.. cross the party line or unite and overthrow them both. Time to “wake up Merica’ “

        12. I like what I see now that Obama is out and finally a president who’s going to put Americans before anyone else. We have enough of our own problems that haven’t been dealt with for the last 50/60 years. I’m tired of our money going to foreign aid when we have plenty of homeless and infrastructure needed here at home

        13. We average Americans have absolutely no say in what our government does. It is starting to change but saying we are all responsible for what Bush, Clintons or Obama did is one of the most irresponsible things I have ever read. They are/ were liars/frauds. They are only concerned about what they can steal. Whether it be rights or money.

        14. “Democracy” exists as an English word in North America and “voting” means little when both extremes are united in the middle, trading off “leadership” between “elections.” One sage has expressed what is proving true:
          “Democracy is the last word gasped before freedom is forfeited to Communism.”

        15. An american citizen can’t change anything about America. They march and protest and media doesn’t cover it so that the people can’t unite about any issue. Against American wishes they get sprayed with poisons from jets, they are fed poisoned GMO food and water, their votes don’t count in a presidential election. Every resource available to them is poisoned and killing them slowly. They are now corporately slaving un in the workforce, statically, American woman works 3 times more than any woman in the world. They march, they protest, they give monies and its government does what ever it wants, it is not for the people, this we know.

      2. Blah blah blah Hillary, blah blah blah Obama. You couldn’t get an erection this morning – damn Obama. You morons are just pathetic.

        1. Tell me who developed and implemented the US State Department policy and action that plunged Libya into anarchy and chaos? #warcrimestribunal #lockherup

      3. @ Johnny Lane …. look deeper at history … this is all directly and unbrokenly traced back to Muhammad. The slave markets are Muslim. The captors are Muslim. In these days, the buyers are Muslim. For a brief period in history, Westerners also purchased slaves from these very same Markets. Islam has not altered nor improved in 1,400 years. The Clintons, Obamas and kind are simply predators joining in on the fun.

      4. Nonsense. Where do you get these lies? about Hillary Clinton, not perfect but she did win the popular election, people did vote for her. She is not connected to child sex slaves, she and Obama do seem to be indebted an awful lot to the big banks and the rest of the 1%. The big issue in the US is restriction of who can vote, those id cards are an excuse to not let oor peole vote. Not hel[ful for democracy. and too much money in politics so that the donors call the shots. Much of the US aggressive bombing and things like killing Quadaffi are horrid. I think the defense industry, the pharmaceuticals the financiers somehow make money out of such acts. I hope everybody reading this makes sure you are registered to vote, become informed by more than hostility to black people and women, and vote. oh yes and maybe listen to Bernie Sanders at least some.

        1. The id cards are really about not letting poor people vote, what I meant to say. We in the US do not have a problem with voter fraud. It does not exist.

          1. Except for a few million illegal immigrants in California voting multiple times…other than that, not much!

        2. You are so out of touch with reality. You may need to stay awake and pay attention to what is happening in this country. OPEN YOUR EYES.

        3. How can having an ID card prevent you from voting? Anybody can go to the DMV and get an ID card. All you have to do is have a few bucks and proof of your identity. Nobody is being prevented from voting unless you’re illegal or maybe a felon (? not sure about that).

      5. You forget that it was the Bush administration that started the fire in the Middle east. The U.S. supported opposition which overthrew Libya’s Gadaffi in 2007. That was before Obama and Hillary…. read your history.

        1. Thank you for trying. But it appears that actual history is not part of the consideration. Their “facts” conflate administrations and confuse timelines to meet their point of view.
          How can “Hillary and Obama” be to blame if it was on Bill Clinton’s orders? How can he be the architect if Bush and Blair were discussing the “Lybian” problem as part of their 9/11 response? They want to blame Muhammad for all slavery as if those ancient times have anything to do with today. Mostly, it seems, they don’t want our tax dollars spent on rescuing humans elsewhere even if we were complicit in the military actions that created the bombed out cities, or the environmental devastation left by our corporations that force desperate peoples to leave their homes looking for food for their children. Most of all, they do not want our soldiers to “police” the world when they could be out creating more refugees. Thank you for at least noting the correct time line so I can know that I am not the insane one.

      6. It is very true. Hillary, Obama and their cronies orchestrated the demise of Gaddafi so that they can control the Libyan commerce allowing human trafficking and weapons selling through Libya to profit themselves and their friends even at the cost of four (4) patriotic Americans in Benghazi.

      7. You must be a Russian troll or duped by one, because Trump and his ilk are robbing this country blind and doing zilch to counter slavery in Libya or anywhere else.

    2. This wasn’t Bush’s war. It was Hilary Clinton and Obama, together with the UK’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy who supported on side in civil war to depose Gaddafi.

      1. It was Bush and Blair who started this. First attacking Iraq and then Afghanistan anď then David Cameron and Bush attacking Gaddafi in Libya. Maybe Gaddafi wasn’t the greatest statesman of all time but he wasn’t the worst. It was the so-called western countries that were so corrupt and vicious and had the means to do such evil deeds to others and is still doing them under Donald Trump and his cronies!!!

        1. It was Obama who killed Gaddafi, not Bush. It was Hillary who famously cackled “We came, we saw, he died”. That is when ISIS was formed. Get your facts straight. And yes, he was awful, but he kept a lid on things there.

        2. No. It was the terrorists on 9/11 that started this. What happened after that was on them. It is also these same people that have been and still are enslaving blacks. You cannot blame us for doing what we had to do in self-defense. This is all on them and not us.

      1. Wow..Really…Everything is always Obama fault..why because he’s Black? Bush started the war so where do he come in at. Tell the truth. My God… Really stop pointing the finger and pray for peace. We as people need to really come together to make peace.

    3. Look into the Brits, and the role they play in modern day slavery, and funding of the Lybia open air trading/confining…and yet, people still praise the Brits/Europeans…Smh…

    4. They have two choices. Either get sent back where they came from or get put into a work party. Most would rather get into the work party. No, it is not easy and it is not fun, but it is better than where they came from.

    5. Yes, Zionist Bush family are a cog in the wheel of the destruction NWO Zionist have done to the Middle East. It is because of Israel & Zionist NWO Greed that people have been driven from their homelands and reduced to slaves. This is only the beginning of NWO this Parasitic group will destroy us all.
      HW Bush was party to signing that NWO. He should have been lynched at that moment when he said with a smile “If Americans knew what we just signed we would all be lynched”.

    1. It’s ‘conspiracy’ because that’s the only slot truth is allowed to be in. Only Propaganda can be mainlined. We are trained to laugh at, ignore as irrelevant, anything labeled ‘conspiracy’. That’s the effectiveness of brainwashing, using Hitler’s maxim: ‘Tell a lie to enough people enough times and it will be believed as the truth’.

  1. Dont ignore the elephant in the room. Be it the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th century or today in the 21st century this slave trade (as the slave trade of past centuries) is fueled by Islam. Do you thinks it’s Catholics or Buddhist or Hindus selling people into slavery? Or even Atheist? Wrong, look at the REAL history of the continent of Africa. It is Muslims who have created the centuries long slave trade but that’s just too politically incorrect to be wdely reported on or recognized.

    1. honestly, who cares who started it.. we should be fixing it.. yes i know…. liberals don’t want us being the worlds police force, but ” the human right left ” doesnt really care about people, they only care about power, President trump, we need to do something about this…

  2. FYI

    1) The so called journalist, Narciso Contreras was basically fired by AP news for altering (ie making up) photographs taken in Syrian war during 2013. Check out the source below, ie the horse’s mouth. What makes this “story” any more credible?


    2) Quoting from article, “As Leonard Doyle from the International Organization for Migration tells Counting the Cost: “As shocking as it seems, it’s indeed true. The reason slave trade is happening is that there is really no rule of law across much of Libya. Libya is a country as big as France, with a lot of space there. Migrants are coming there … they see the promise of a new life when they go to their Facebook feed, and they think something wonderful is waiting for them in Europe because a smuggler has abused the system and has sold them that lie.”

    So Leonard is telling us that these desperate souls making the harrowing journey to Libya actually possess electronic devices such as phones or computers and that they have Facebook pages too? Something sounds rather fishy, that a desperate for a better life as seen on Facebook man, able bodied male of conscription age mind you (just look at all pictures), leaves his homeland and family to go to Libya (BTW news that country’s lawlessness is freely available on FACEBOOK itself!)????

    Give me a break! Able bodied men of conscription age. Sound more like a stealth invasion, a Trojan invasion. And European politicians can’t wait to stick a knife in their own countrymen’s back!

    1. As for the altering photos controversy, yes he was found to remove a colleague’s camera from a corner of one (out of 500) photos submitted to AP. It says more about AP ultra high standards than the photographer’s low standards. He also openly acknowledged his responsibility and the consequences, i.e. all his photos were removed from AP even though all other were found to be unaltered.
      Regarding the phones. In my country the adoption of mobile phones back in the day surpassed all reasonable expectations given all other socioeconomic factors. I believe the same may be true for Africa. Also if you had a family and knew that the road to Europe is extremely perilous with risk of death and sex abuse who would you send first? Your wife, daughter or able bodied son? It all seems rather rational to me.

    2. you obviously know nothing about life in Nigeria. If you want to educate yourself, find immigrants near you. ask them about the lawlessness, the murder, the curroption, the chances for decent life, for life, there. I have some Nigerian immigrants friend. all living in terrible condition in my fucked up western country. they all say that they would rather die trying to leave Nigeria than live there.
      and yes – we live in a world where one can have a 4X4 vehicle and a smartphone but no running water or electricity.

  3. heres the other problem, while they are totally having the worst possible time, its not europe’s job to take in refugees in abundance.


  5. The radical mercenaries who were brought into Libya (funded and armed) by Clinton and Obama openly stated that they intended to do an ethnic cleansing of Libya of all blacks. The misinformation machine fed by CIA lies claimed that Ghadafi had hired a bunch of African mercenaries. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The 250,000 radical, psychopathic terrorists that were brought into Libya (by Clinton and Obama) were the only ones committing heinous crimes against humanity. There were 128 mass graves in Libya after 2011 many of them filled with black bodies. This latest crisis in Libya is a direct result of the brutal 11 month bombing of Libya and its people by the US and its allies in 2011 that culminated in the public execution of Qaddafi.

  6. America’s government system really is to blame for this crap. And the worst part is… The Military Industrial Complex works independently over the american people’s wishes. The fact that we almost had a psychopath like Hillary Clinton for president, was truly something to think about. She and Obama killed Gadaffi and this is the result of our invasion of Libya. Trump is crap, but to think that Hillary Clinton would have the rest of the world be like this… Would have been truly a horrific thought.

    1. Oh please! Yes, Hillary was behind Libya and the death of Quaddafi, what about Bush in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc etc etc etc etc. what a selective memory! Stop blaming liberals, it’s more likely you’re just dumb.

  7. Hogwash! Trump did this!! He’s eeedeeeottt!! Trump and Pence use sex traffickers to make money from and Putin is their pimp.

    1. What in the fuck are you trying to say here???
      Maybe if you weren’t an illiterate red neck your post might make a little sense. How far did you go in school? Apparently not much further than kindergarten as the following are pretty much known by grade one.
      There = A place, somewhere to go
      I think you are trying for THEY’RE as in THEY ARE- it’s called a ‘contraction’ FYI.
      in force = in and force
      in = opposite of out
      force = physical power or strength possessed by a living being
      Think you might have been aiming for ENFORCE
      as in put or cause said power or strength to be used.
      where = usually a question as in “where did you get your education?”
      Generally used to find out the location of something or someone.
      Going out on a limb here, but I am fairly sure you meant WE’RE which is another contraction, this time combining ‘we’ and ‘are’ .
      Now if I am correct, the story is not about the enforcing of immigration laws, it is about the illegal and immoral trafficking of human beings. Further, it is about Western Nations and European countries ignoring or supporting through commerce this atrocity. Entirely different subject. Perhaps you would care to make a relevant comment.

  8. It’s Muslims selling humans and no one else! This article tries to pay t the “nothing to do with Islam picture”! People with brains know better! Ban islam!

  9. It’s always America and white people, isn’t it? The United States and most of Europe abolished slavery 200 years ago. Yet, America is somehow to be blamed for the condition of black people living there, and some people are demanding reparations.

    For most of Africa and the Middle East, slavery wasn’t officially abolished until didn’t happen until about 50 years ago. In many Muslim countries, thinly veiled slavery of people from Africa and Asia still exists to this day. The abuse of refugees in Libya is just the most blatant example of it right now. America does not partake in this modern slave trade. It does not benefit economically from it. But somehow, it’s America’s and white people’s fault, for toppling a batshit insane dictator. It can’t be the moral failing of the culture that enables this slavery to take place. No, it’s white people. It’s always the fault of white people.

    Here’s a radical idea. Maybe most people in Muslim majority countries aren’t ready for democracy, but need the guiding hand of a dictator and a strong government to act anywhere near a civil manner. Maybe these countries naturally ended up being dictatorships because that’s the only way they could remain in order. Makes you think…

    1. Oh I’m quite sure there are a lot of americans who benefit from this economically, either directly or indirectly.

      It took European countries a thousand years to migrate from monarchy and dictatorship over to democracy. And all the initial attempts at democracy were utter failures, and soon collapsed into a dictatorship, like the French revolution as an example. So judging by this, is it any wonder that these newly independent African countries are experiencing the exact same growing pains that Europe once did? After all, peace, democracy and co-operation are very new concepts in Europe too.

      It’s not about culture, it’s not about ethnicity, it’s not about religion. It’s about human nature.

  10. Remember Hillary famously cackling “We came, we saw, he died”. That was when they killed Gaddafi and ISIS was formed. Obama’s terrorist team. Muslim’s hate black, but they manipulate them and the liberals until they no longer need them. Fools.

  11. This is refreshing . Thank the devil that these animals are being utilized for something other than organ harvesting. I like to keep several of theses creatures to do things that need doing like digging, cleaning, and any other demeaning and shitty menial labor. Its what they know, and it makes them quite happy.The worst mistake a human did was teach an ape to read and write. Then they think they are the same as people and start wanting things that are not for them. They are such children. I do need another nigger to work on a few projects. Glad there are still places like this to get a decent animal. They are expensive to feed though, and the then there’s the shipping cost. If you want a nigger make sure its an African nigger the U.S. ones are impossible take it from me. I have had to kill whole crops because of uppityness. LOL want make that mistake again. That does have a silver lining as you can freeze the dead niggers and feed them to the new ones as feed. Saves a ton on feed for them. Anyway look at me going on and on.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that people of a certain color should be a slave for you. Even more sorry that you have to hide who you are to confidently say it. You and people like you are why there is more hate hen love in this world.

  12. I feel bad for these people but most of these so called refugees are Muslim terrorist that are not coming here to become Americans but to take over and kill us all…

    1. What about the terrorists that already exist here? What recent story have you heard of a Muslim killing a mass amount of “Americans”…?

  13. Folks, the selling of human beings has always been a way of life in these countries. African villages sell their own tribesmen, women, and children into slavery. Yes, even today. When America was a new country, they bought slaves from Africa. Those slaves were captured and sold by their fellow Africans. It’s nobody’s FAULT. It’s wrong, it’s not fair. But we can’t make everyone in the world live by our laws. I hate it. I hate slavery. I hate abuse. That is why we are so blessed to be in America. Doesn’t matter if you came on a luxury liner or a slave ship, we’re here, we’re equal, and we’re AMERICANS.

  14. Note the time of Nigger Hating and Rude Richards comments. It is currently 3:39 EST in the U.S. These two are clearly not in America.

  15. @ Nigger Hating , You are a very sick Person ! Only a Demonic piece of Sh@t would type this. You have the nerve to call someone a Ape when it has clearly been
    proven that you have Monkey DNA. I would love to hear you say this Rhetoric
    about People of color to our faces. You are a Coward !

  16. Blaiming one group over another isn’t going to fix anything. At this point it’s happening. So what good people out there are willing to stop it? Or is that too much to ask?

  17. This comment section is pure cancer.

    I will just say this: how do you think the world will ever get any better, if all you can do is spew hate towards people different than you? How is it possible that people calling themselves christians have become so estranged from the teachings of christianity, the teachings of Christ?

    I am sorry, for all of you.

    1. I don’t think any of the above comments are from Christians. We are very few. I was just about to post that the reaction to this article (from anyone with a conscience, whether Christian or not) should be to have compassion for fellow humans and want this injustice stopped. I’m not concerned with pointing the finger at distant, indirect factors that may or may not have contributed, because there are direct factors — people willing to enslave and sell others for profit. The world will never get any better, until the New Millennium. Read Revelation.

  18. Well this is all bullshxt. Its elite agenda of forcing migrants into Europe to cause havoc that requires their pre-prepared solution requiring more surveillance and less freedom.

    This slave thing is advertised so the ”refugees” lawyers (paid for my tax payers) can claim its not possible to send them home as they will be sold in either these fictional markets or markets that have been there since forever

  19. This is so mind boggling..I had been seeing this article for over a year now and no African country in the Continent have not even made any attempt..even through the United Nations..to curb this supposed inhumane and horrendous practice ..or is it being aided or perpetrated by African countries themselves on their own Brothers for a price..Just asking….Are we…they..repeating history right now in a generation where we are seeking Reparation from the former colonial masters ..for the horrors our fore-fathers endured and effortlessly trying to eradicate the made up theory of ..”African Slavery Syndrome”.

  20. elite agenda of forcing migrants into Europe to cause havoc that requires their pre-prepared solution requiring more surveillance and less freedom.

    This slave thing is advertised so the ”refugees” lawyers (At tax payers expense) can claim its not possible to send them home. Made up nonsense!

  21. The drama just serves to justify the absent enforcement of European border controls and push back operations. The political left fanatically defends the abuses of the asylum system even in ways that completely undermine the European social systems and destroy the integrity of our peoples.

    Stories about slavery are political to this end. No. There is no reason to let these people into Europe.

  22. Libya is an example of a failed state (and that happened do to multiple reasons – no one person, or political party is to blame). They have no functioning government and can best be thought of as several hundred (if not thousands) of warlords and gangs running amok throughout the country. If you blame anything….blame greed and human nature.

    Also what the hell is wrong with you people? As I read through the comments I see racism, religious intolerance and just plain stupidity. The general lack of basic education on display is sad to see.

    You want to be a troll…then crawl under a bridge and stay there. You want to be a racist? Or show your religious intolerance? Fine, lots of Nazi sites and “Christian” sites for you to do that on. Don’t bother replying to this….cause I had my say and am done with you.

    Personally I’m going to put my time in helping people build a better world.

  23. all this blaming the US is bunk and false headed. The ideology behind this is Islamic law and culture.
    if you play the blame game at least get it right.

  24. It’s a pity no-one else seems to be aware of the fact that the trans-Sahara slave trade run by Arab Muslims goes back many centuries. It was bigger and lasted longer than the trans-Atlantic trade run by Europeans (sometimes with Arab help). The fact that it is continuing to the present day has nothing to do with the US or Europe, but is because it is so deeply embedded in North African culture. Unlesxs its roots are addressed, the problem will continue. But far too many commentators and politicians refuse to speak out about this because it might seem Islamophobic. It is not. It is simple historical fact.

  25. It’s a pity that commenting on this topic, like on any provocative article, descends into children bickering among themselves blaming others and calling people names. It starts at the very first comment.
    Nothing is black and white (or red and blue) and failures and mistakes have happened along with good things for centuries. Until we stop focusing on our differences and start working on things we agree on, and treating each other with respect, peace, and healing of inequities will be further and further from our grasp. The blame game gets us nowhere, just like it doesn’t work in the schoolyard. Instead of launching into this diatribe, why not read around the subject and educate yourselves. There is always at least 2 sides to every story and it’s worth finding out more of the background. Further more this particular issue was widely discussed back in November and governments are trying to address the problem. It’s the easy thing to heckle and argue. But if we want the world to turn around, we have to start with our own behavior.

  26. This is totally bullshit propaganda!
    Why don’t you idiots find out who bombed the shit out of your country and come to the conclusion that it was the regimes of Obama and Bush!! The Rothchilds and the Banksters are your enemy sitting above Washington!
    Escaping to Europe is not a solution! Ripp the heart out of the evil Rothchilds and all their families!

  27. Maybe I am missing something here, but from this video interview it seems like most of the people in the detention center are more upset about not being allowed to continue their journey into Europe and have to go back to their home countries. Although they must have gone through a lot to escape their homes and previous life as well as endure the mistreatment and beatings, what they were attempting to do (smuggle into another country) is illegal and has a rules and regulations about doing it legally to prevent situations like this from occurring.

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  29. Mommar Gadaffi was minding his own business because back when Reagan was President and Mommar was acting up, Reagan gave orders to bomb the heck out of Libya. Obama became president and had Gadaffi captured and paraded through the streets and murdered. Now a Muslim dictator worse than Gadaffi!!!

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