The Greatest Innovations of 21’st Century so far

Technology has rapidly advanced in the past decades. As a result of the technological advancement,  people got a lot of incredible and helpful tools that took our civilization into a new age, an age where people from the opposite sides of the globe can easily communicate.

We are lucky enough to live in this era where technology is growing x10 on a yearly basis and there is no telling what we will invent next.

Apple Iphone (2007)

This phone is the first mobile from the generation of smartphones that were operated thru a touchscreen. When it was released the Apple iPhone changed the industry of mobile phones forever making Apple the pioneer of our technological era.

Amazon Kindle (2007)

Another genius invention form the same year was the Amazon Kindle. This invention allowed people to have a portable platform where they can have access to every book on this planet that was ever made. After the enormous success, the Kindle had Amazon became the largest publishing company in the world with controlling over 80% of the UK market and 47% of the US market.

Google Android (2008)

After the enormous success of Apple’s iPhone many mobile manufactures desperately wanted to take a portion of the cake, but they needed an operating system that was equally good or better than the Iphone’s IOS. Google was the only company that could make such a complex operating system for mobile phones and in 2008 they launched Android.  It is now the primary operating system for Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo and many other mobile phone brands.

Tesla Roadster (2012)

The Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle/ sports car that made a staggering change in the automobile industry forever. When it was first presented many were amazed at its amazing combination of electric sport’s car that is also saving the planet.

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