The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath & a Narcissist

When it comes to narcissists, all signs point to one universal trait: a narcissist is wounded. More often than not, it’s some event from a person’s childhood that causes them to feel worthless and unappreciated at some point in life and make them constantly seek out validation.

And along come the empaths, the healers. An empath has the ability to sense and internalize other people’s pain, and often take it as though it were their own. If an empath is not consciously aware of boundaries and ways to protect themselves, they may very easily form a bond with a narcissist, as a way to try and compensate for any damage and attempt to eliminate all their pain.

What empaths fail to accept is that narcissists are takers. A kind of vampire that sucks energy. They can draw the life and soul out of anyone they come in contact with. This is a way for them to stock up on reserves and use this imbalance to their own advantage.

This dynamic can confuse and debilitate an empath, since by not fully understanding their own and other people’s abilities, they fail to realize that not everyone is like them. An empath will always put himself in another person’s shoes and will try to feel what other people are feeling, thinking and intending, at the same time forgetting that people might have a different agenda, and not everyone is honest.

The narcissist has manipulation on their agenda, and it’s essential that they’re in a position from whence they can exercise control and rise above others. The empath’s agenda is to love, heal and care. There is no balance between the two, and ever found it is highly unlikely.

The more love and affection an empath gives, the more powerful and in control the narcissist becomes, the more likely that the empath will retreat in the role of the victim. And very soon, a change happens and the empath starts taking on narcissistic traits since he too becomes wounded, and are constantly provoked by the abuse of being in the environment the narcissist creates. A long and vicious circle starts to spin.

When a narcissist sees that an empath is wounded, they will use this to keep them down. The more unhappy the empath becomes, the happier the narcissist will feel. An empath will begin to frantically seek for love, validation, support, and acceptance from a narcissist, and each try for help will only confirm that they are desperate to feel worthy.

As an empath starts focusing solely on the pain, trauma, and abuse in their lives, they become self-obsessed and fail to see that there is no need for them to blame themselves, because the damage is coming from the other side.

At this point, an empath must become aware of the situation he is in, and wake up, because anyone who is badly hurt can themselves become a narcissist and become self-centered, and seek out happiness by causing others pain.

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